Word turned Post apocalyptic place after a zombie virus break down in past which has wiped the human  down  and you  are only one who survived in your city by the help of portal that your invention made , travel to other city to find out more survival before that clear this place from zombies so that it can be used as base. Use your mobile base for fast travel and save your self from zombies by hiding in it.Collect Ammunition and shot them all you can find more ammo crate in army  hideout.


arrows key for player movement and vehicle movement

F to get in  vehicle

G to get out of vehicle

T to teleport straight to mobile base


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the placement of buttons in the keyboard can be better

I will change it and thank you for your suggestion

Wow, this is a very good game with great control. Also, the way the zombies increases with time also kept me engaged.. Its a very good game indeed

thank you

The gun firing sound is like ak 47 I think so and I like the game in general